Old World Media is a private project studio that operates by availability.  We cannot work with every client that contacts us.  In most cases, we work with clients who have been referred to us.  If you are interested in working with us, please contact us with detailed project information.  If we are able to work with you, we will contact you to discuss time availability.  Keep in mind that we cater to acoustic and traditional music, modern and alternative music, contemporary Christian, and gospel music.

Payment is due at the end of each session. Studio time is assigned to an individual, not a band or group. Therefore, if a band or group breaks up after recording, someone is still obligated to pay the bill. No rough mixes or final masters will leave the studio until the bill is paid. No deposit is required to secure studio time. However, booked sessions must still be paid for even if time is unused. We can reschedule sessions if notified up to 24 hours in advance, but refunds cannot be given for cancellations or missed sessions.  Posted prices are prior to 6% West Virginia sales tax if applicable.  There is a charge for returned checks.

Sessions begin and end according to the time booked.  Booked sessions must still be paid for even if time is unused.  Please arrive on time and be prepared to leave on time. This allows subsequent clients to begin on time. If the studio is available, sessions may be extended at the respective rate. If additional work is requested while a client is gone, this time counts as session time.

We recommend booking time on separate days for recording and mixing/mastering. We typically work with clients during recording sessions to create a “working mix”, with an additional session or more strictly devoted to final mixing and mastering. This allows clients to hear the material from a fresh perspective and prevents a rushed final product. Clients are present during portions of mixing, are consulted throughout the mix, and give final approval of the mix prior to mastering. The client is consulted again during and after mastering. Therefore, you must approve the final master before it leaves the studio. If changes are made after this point, you must book additional time. Clients receive a CDR master. We store project files on our hard drive while space permits, and then we back files up on data CDR. If you wish for extra back up CDRs to be made, you can provide blank CDRs, or we can provide them at cost.

Time and availability are limited. Hourly sessions should be booked at least two weeks in advance. Standard sessions or project sessions should be booked at least one month in advance.

Due to recording sessions in progress, we do not have a public facility open for walk-in visits. Please contact us for available times or to make an appointment. During recording sessions, our telephone system is set to receive voicemail only. We check email when recording schedules permit.

The studio is located on private property and is available by appointment only. Individuals who choose to enter the property relinquish any liability of the studio and property owners for any accidents, damages, and/or other losses incurred on the premises.

We do not have storage space for clients to leave equipment after or between non-adjacent sessions.  We also cannot provide transportation for equipment or clients.  Please make arrangements to transport your equipment (and band members).

You are responsible for the cost of replacing any equipment or property that you damage.  All equipment is tested prior to each session to ensure that it is in working condition before you use it.  If equipment or property is missing or stolen after your session, we will attempt to contact you one time to give you a chance to return it before contacting the authorities.  This recording studio was made for clients to use; don't ruin it.

No unauthorized guests.  Our advice is to only bring individuals who are directly contributing to the project.

No drugs, alcohol, or tobacco in the studio or on the property.

We reserve the right not to work with clients or material that present a legal, financial, personal, or professional risk to the studio or property owners. Such risks include copyright infringement, illegal or harmful content, invalid payment, breach of terms and conditions, destruction of property or other illegal acts, etc. Potential risks are subject to the discretion of the studio and property owners on an individual basis. We will not provide any services that may infringe upon the rights of other clients.

Certain terms and conditions are required by law; others are based on our lease with the property owners.

Rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change upon re-publication.  Outdated print materials are not applicable.  This website is the official source of current studio information.

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